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4 Ingenious ways to spruce up your man cave

Posted by Tracey on 23 August 2017

Beer Cap Coasters

There’s no doubt that you’ll accumulate a lot of beer caps when you’re sitting in your man cave, watching the footie or chilling with your mates. Why don’t you put those beer caps to use by turning them into nifty coasters? Collect a selection of your favourite bottled brews (6 caps per coaster) and superglue them to a plain cork coaster. Suddenly your tabletop will be a great topic of conversation, simple!

Spirit Bottle Lamps

Recycle your favourite spirit bottles to turn them into a feature piece in your man cave. All you need are a few empty spirit bottles and battery powered fairy lights and hey presto! You have yourself an ambiance inducing, highly practical light source!

man cave

Beer O’Clock

Every man cave needs one of these! Make it Beer O’Clock every hour with this funky DIY clock. Use a plank of wood or pallet as the frame of the clock, drill in the battery pack and fix the hands of the clock to the front. Super glue your favourite brews to the face, and there you have it!

Upcycled Table

Upcycle an existing wooden table to create this fantastic sociable item for your man cave. Simply cut out a section in the middle, roughly the same size as a cooler box. Fit the cooler box to the underside of the table so that you now have a table with an indented section in the middle. Fill this with ice and a crate of beer and you’re all set for the afternoon!

man cave


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