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A very organised garage with magnetic strips and wall hanging bikes

4 Garage storage tips: Convert your household dumping ground

Posted by Tracey on 9 April 2018

If there’s any part of your house that gets used as a dumping ground, it’s your garage. It’s a convenient space that gets filled with all the old treasures of your household. From old toys and books to sports equipment and garden tools, your garage gathers so many lost and forgotten possessions that turn it into an impassable part of your home.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your garage nice and organised?

Aside from being your own cost-effective self-storage area in your house, it’s always good to give it a nice spring clean to make room for things that really matter, such as your car, a selection of workshop tools or a man cave. A spacious garage can add serious value to your home, so if you’re thinking of moving soon presenting your garage as spacious and tidy is a must!

Here are some handy Easy Fit tips for clearing out and organising your garage into a neat and tidy storage area for your home! Why not get the kids involved so you can put your feet up that little bit sooner?

Magnetise it!

Magnetic strip with tools in a garageKeep your tools in one area without having to dig through your toolbox to find them. By mounting a magnetic strip on the wall, all your most used tools will be kept to-hand, but out of the way for any projects, you might be working on. It keeps your work surfaces and garage space clean and is an easy solution for staying organised! Your garden tools can also be stored on the wall, so they are organised and easy to find.

Living off the wall!

The car isn’t the only wheeled vehicle to be stored in your garage. Storing your bike on the wall of your garage is a simple, modern and elegant way to save space in your garage. All you have to do is screw the base of the hook into the wall and voila. Easy, simple bike storage! You could also get a ceiling mounted bike rack and hang your bikes from there as a way to save space for your car.

Give it the boot… rack

Rustic DIY Boot RackOne of the ultimate mess creators are wellies scattered everywhere. An easy (and trendy) way to overcome this is by using positioning rustic wooden boxes and crates against the wall and storing your boots on these. It’s a great way to use the height of the wall rather than having them spread across the floor!

Look up

If your garage is high and stable enough, the ceiling of your garage is a great place to store your possessions and tools that aren’t commonly used. If you’re feeling creative you can produce a secure sliding storage system that hangs from the ceiling and saves all of your wall and floor space.

Another way to make space in your garage is by getting a garage door that maximises space. Our Easy Fit roller and sectional garage doors are manufactured from the highest quality components and are CE marked. Contact our friendly customer services team for more information or get a quote straight to your inbox.


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