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4 DIY Garden Hacks for kids

Posted by Tracey on 23 August 2017

Wouldn’t you agree most kids love arts and crafts and getting involved with whatever you’re doing? How about putting their imaginative young minds to use with easy and fun DIY garden hacks. From the home to the garden, there are loads of DIY projects that kids and parents can enjoy together. Here are a few:

Bird feeders:

Get your design aprons on and make these easy and fun bird feeders. Use old cans, colourful sharpie pens or stickers and some string and create the perfect birdie food cave. Its simple, fun and your children would love it especially when they see the birds enjoying their treats.

DIY Garden hacks for kids

Mushroom stools:

Feel like Super Mario and escape to the garden with these fun seats for all the family to enjoy. Varied in heights but similar in style, these mushroom stools can make your garden seem like the perfect adventure land for kids. Use logs of wood, smooth the surfaces and add a trendy mushroom cushion.

Plant pot lighthouse:

Brighten your garden with DIY clay pot lighthouses. Get your kids involved by getting them to design the pots in whatever way they want! Use pots of different sizes and stack them largest to smallest once you have decorated them, finally glue the lantern on top and you have lit up the world…Your garden’s world.

Rainforest in a bottle:

Create these adventurous small lands with your kids using old plastic bottles, use any materials you want to make a rainforest effect. Once you’ve decided on what to fill your bottle with, your children can add their own little toy animals so they can literally have their own mini rainforest! You could even use water, moss and a little Shrek figure to turn your bottle into Shrek’s swamp!

Image: Crafting green world


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