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4 Crafty Ways to Use Wine Corks

Posted by EasyFit on 22 February 2017

We’ve been through Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day AND National Drink Wine Day… That should accumulate a lot of wine corks right?

If you’ve been clever enough to save the corks from all of that social wine drinking, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve put together the best ways you can turn your wine corks into something awesome for your home:

1. Wine Cork Placemats:

Get your glue gun out to stick your corks together to create a beautiful zigzag placemat. It’s the perfect heat proof centrepiece for your dining room table, or a delightful tray for your tea pot. It’s also a great conversation starter: “why yes, I did make that myself!”

cork placemats

2. Bedroom Decorations:

To create this fabulous addition to your child’s bedroom door you will probably need to start with a base (a cardboard base will do, but perhaps invest in a cork sheet). Cut out the letter of your child’s name in the cardboard or cork sheet and start sticking down your wine corks!


3. Wine Cork Candle Holders:

This is a super easy and insanely effective way to spruce up boring glass candle holders. Simply fasten your corks around the class with some string or, for a more secure fit, slice off a small portion of the cork so that their is a flat back that you can use to stick the cork against the side of the glass.



4. Wine Cork Flower Pot:

Now, we LOVE this idea. Spruce up your dull or cheap looking flower pots with your leftover wine corks! You can keep your wine corks whole, or cut them in half to get a bit more creative with the design. Please note that wine corks are FAR easier to cut if you steam them for 10 minutes beforehand (yes, just like your broccoli!). Remember to use a serrated knife for a clean cut.



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