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Wine Cork Crafts

4 Crafty Ways to Use Wine Corks

Posted on 22 February 2017 by Vikki Geary

We’ve been through Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day AND National Drink Wine Day… That should accumulate a lot of wine corks right?  If …


DIY: How to turn everyday household items into handy tools!

Posted on 12 December 2016 by Vikki Geary

Ever found yourself stuck at home without the right tools? Our infographic below shows you how to turn simple, everyday items in your house into handy tools! …


Infographic: How to create a Home Gym in your Garage

Posted on 12 December 2016 by Vikki Geary

Say goodbye to gym memberships, and hello to working out in the comfort of your own home! Check out our helpful infographic below for all the best tips and tricks to creating a home gym. …


10 Creative DIY Hacks To Help Improve Your Home

Posted on 24 November 2016 by Vikki Geary

Do you lack the ‘DIY’ knowledge required to carry out tasks around the home? We’ve put together 10 easy tricks that will make improving your homes appearance a walk in the park! …


DIY Or Call In The Pros?

Posted on 24 November 2016 by Vikki Geary

Your property can take a beating during the summer months with the heat and increased presence of friends and family. Now that we're into the colder months we need to ensure that our homes are in …


Making Your Garage Child Friendly

Posted on 25 October 2016 by Kaysie Direen

Turning your garage into a fun and safe place for your kids is a great idea. Although most people need their garage for storage or more commonly, a car, if you don't need the space, then why not …


Spook up Your Garage This Halloween

Posted on 25 October 2016 by Kaysie Direen

It’s Halloween season and what better way to spook your treat or treaters than to give your garage the full-on scare factor! We’ve dusted off the best blood-curdling DIY hacks to …


DIY: Perfecting the Mighty Workbench

Posted on 29 September 2016 by Vikki Geary

Whether you’re a dab hand at DIY, or have recently bought your own home and are just starting to dabble in repairs and renovations, it’s well worth having a garage workbench to make …


Dummies Guide to Installing a Garage Door

Posted on 29 September 2016 by Vikki Geary

More and more of us are choosing roller garage doors over the more traditional canopy style due to the many advantages this innovative design can bring. They’re ideal for homeowners with short …


Infographic: How To Turn Your Old Phone into a Security Camera

Posted on 23 December 2014 by Vikki Geary

Christmas is a time for celebration, but all too often people let down their guard down and security can become an issue. As a way to save wastage and improve security, we've put together a guide …

EasyFit Grinch Infographic Thumbnail2

Infographic: Christmas Security: How to Keep The Grinch Away

Posted on 28 November 2014 by Vikki Geary

  This infographic has everything you need to know about Christmas home security. Since it's a rather grim subject (no-one wants to get robbed on Christmas eve!), we decided to write our …


Could You Create The Next Google From Your Garage?

Posted on 20 October 2014 by Vikki Geary

It’s amazing to think that not much more than ten years ago, the colossus that now is Google, with its sprawling technology empire that includes AdWords, YouTube and its Android smartphone …

Tom Gonzales Motorcycle Garage

The Most Expensive Garages in the World

Posted on 16 October 2014 by Vikki Geary

Tom Gonzales’ Garage This impressive garage has been valued at a cool six million dollars and belongs to software engineer Tom Gonzales. This ultimate garage was built to protect and house …

War Artefacts in Garage

Dangerous War Artefacts Found in Man's Garage

Posted on 22 September 2014 by Vikki Geary

The great British garage has long become synonymous with clutter and the storage of anything other than cars and accessories. For many, the humble garage is viewed as a monument to motor vehicles, …

white house

The Worst Security Breaches at the White House

Posted on 5 September 2014 by Vikki Geary

The President of the United States is likely to be one of the most well-protected men in the world and the same can be said of his official residence, the White House. However, this does not mean …


5 Extreme Home-Made Security Devices

Posted on 27 August 2014 by Vikki Geary

In this day and age we can buy all sorts of security systems to protect our homes and this choice ranges from wireless devices to monitor your home and remote garage door openers (to avoid key …

Piper security box

The Tech Security Wishlist for the Paranoid

Posted on 14 August 2014 by Vikki Geary

As we live in a world where the technological edge is evolving on a seemingly daily basis, it should come as no surprise that such innovations are now making their way into our very homes. While …


DIY Hacks for Summer - Saving Space

Posted on 22 July 2014 by Vikki Geary

There are always additional modifications you can do at home, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or the garage. But it’s during the Summer that people tend to really get into the …

damaged door

Bodyslamming Craze - Will Garage Doors Survive?

Posted on 10 July 2014 by Vikki Geary

It seems in this day and age trends can come out of literally nowhere, with the strangest things piquing people’s interest. This certainly seems to be the case with “bodyslamming”, …

Ford GT40

What's in your Garage? Supercar Heaven

Posted on 19 June 2014 by Vikki Geary

With the recent commercial gaming success of Grand Theft Auto V last year, this long-awaited title saw Millions of people spend literally Millions of dollars on the highly-anticipated title. Gamers …

batman monitors

Man Cave vs BatCave

Posted on 19 May 2014 by Vikki Geary

Everyone knows that when it comes to hideouts, Batman's is the best. Built underneath his huge mansion, filled with all the gadgets a superhero could want and with the Batmobile on standby it really …

garage door open

Automatic Garage Doors: Convenience Or Security?

Posted on 15 May 2014 by Vikki Geary

We all take garage doors for granted as safe, secure and impenetrable and in most cases that is true. However, automatic garage doors can open up security holes which, as long as you are aware of …

Garage Sale

Garage Sale Discoveries

Posted on 17 April 2014 by Vikki Geary

The garage sale is an American tradition that is somewhat bewildering to us Brits – most of us wouldn’t dream of turning out the dusty contents of our garage for all the world to see. …

Miami Ink

Business Owner Opens Tattoo Parlour Garage

Posted on 15 April 2014 by Vikki Geary

Here at Easy Fit we were interested to read a story involving an American business owner’s battle to open a tattoo parlour from his garage. According to Ohio newspaper the Columbus Dispatch , …


Starting a Business from Your Garage

Posted on 22 November 2013 by Vikki Geary

Amazon, Apple, Disney – all massive, multi-billion pound companies that are rumoured to have started in a humble garage. It’s the entrepreneurs ’ dream – …

Fireworks Safety

Bonfire Night Security Tips

Posted on 25 October 2013 by Vikki Geary

Have you got any plans for bonfire night? Of course you have! With Diwali on November 3 rd and Guy Fawkes night on the 5 th , the first week of November will be filled with …

F1 car garage door sticker

Garage Door Art

Posted on 28 March 2013 by Vikki Geary

In this article we wanted to take a detour from our usual themes of maintenance and home security and opt for something a little more light-hearted. It is nearly Easter, after all. When …

White Garage doors on modern semi

Insulation for the Garage

Posted on 14 February 2013 by Daley Francis

The final part of the guide to securing your garage centres on the role of insulation in the home. The cost of heating a home increases all the time, and it is becoming harder and harder …

D SC 2801

Great Uses For Your Garage... And How To Make Them Safe

Posted on 15 January 2013 by Daley Francis

This section of the guide will take a look at great uses for the garage, and how to safeguard your garage accordingly... In order to fully secure your garage, it’s important to know exactly …

Home with Garage

Looking After Your Garage - Part Two

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Daley Francis

The fourth part of A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR GARAGE follows on from Part One of LOOKING AFTER YOUR GARAGE, and looks at other forms of maintenance that can help keep your garage secure... Your …


Looking After Your Garage - Part One

Posted on 28 December 2012 by Daley Francis

The next step in A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR GARAGE looks at how you can take care of your garage, starting with your garage door, with a second part to follow which focuses on the garage as a whole... …


The Importance of Home Security

Posted on 12 November 2012 by Daley Francis

The second part of A GUIDE TO SECURING YOUR GARAGE centres on the importance of home security... For many victims of burglaries and home related crimes, the whole experience is incredibly …

Garage Door

A Guide to Securing Your Garage

Posted on 12 November 2012 by Daley Francis

This detailed guide to securing a garage will come in a series of blog posts. The first is an introduction to the guide... Your garage is an important part of your home, and safeguarding it …

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